My name is Roxanne. I decided to start The Nerd Mama after becoming a new mom.


If you couldn’t tell though, that’s not all though. There’s no denying it, in my little family, we’re nerds. I don’t mean the silly idealized image of nerds with big rimmed glasses. I mean the stay up all night binge watching 90s cartoons while playing video games nerds. The kind of nerds that get excited at the sight of comic books in a used book shop and memorize all the lore from their current fandom. Add a baby into this mix and things get even crazier in this house.


Naturally I am beyond excited to start up this blog because let’s face it, there is so much to learn about being a mom and how do you really balance that with your gaming time? I started this blog to help chronicle our nerdy little family’s adventures and share as much as I can about what I’ve learned along the way. Because believe me, there’s a lot to learn. I haven’t even learned it all yet.


I have no doubt that our son will end up to be the same mash up of crazy nerd his parents are. He is already such a little ham and has already proven that he is a Trekkie. No I’m serious, he will do anything he can to see the television screen if he hears Star Trek come on. Now that’s not to say we just all sit around the TV all day and don’t do anything outside. There will be no baby couch potatoes. Any way I cant wait to see what color uniform he wants to wear.


Hopefully this blog will give you a kick. Or maybe give you a little piece of sanity if you’re a nerdy little family trying to figure it all out.