Where have I been? Work from Home Reality

Ok – I know. I’ve fallen into the trap of not updating in a little while and just as I was getting going too!  I have about a half a dozen posts started, but unfinished –  pending to put on here waiting on some work. To be honest, I’ve been journeying down the rabbit hole that is all of the online work opportunities. Trying to find one that will stick. Staying up late every night while my son is asleep hunched over the computer like the mombie I am studying different job aids and taking evaluations.

If you missed my post on work from home opportunities, look here: Work from Home: Legit No-Phone Jobs and Affiliate Marketing

It is definitely a challenge beyond what it seems to get going on online. I have updated my previous post on these things and am determined to move on from that and get back to this, because I really do enjoy this and want to keep working on content.

We had a first birthday in the interim as well and I’ve been slowly putting together a post about all that. Hopefully they’ll lend some inspiration to your own nerdling’s birthday.

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