Work from Home: Legit No-Phone Jobs and Affiliate Marketing

So I don’t know if you soon-to-be mamas know, but daycare is insanely expensive. That in itself might even be an understatement. So we’re just going to take a side track here from the whole nerdy life and about talk some of the boring real life things we all face.


I never thought I would be one to stay home, but the closer I get to having to pay for daycare the more I feel the ebb of panic start to wash over me.  How am I going to pay for this? I wish I could just stay home.


However, reality doesn’t always align with fantasy on this.


Big problem number 1: Like everyone else in the world, I have bills. I can’t just quit to come home and take care of my house. I still need to work.


Big problem number 2: You cant expect to work from home while simultaneously taking care of an infant. You have to have flexibility in your schedule. Crazy amounts of flexibility.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be on the phone talking to customers with my little one possibly playing in the background or needing me, so I’ve worked really hard to weed out the job opportunities that are strictly pay per project and have ZERO phone time.


There are of course, websites like Upwork and Guru where you can launch yourself into a solo freelance career, but those websites seem highly competitive and if you’re like me and just starting out you may want to identify solid, steady work to hone your skills at before bidding for jobs.


Legitimate Work from Home Opportunities:


Leapforce: Pays roughly $13.50 an hour. Word of advice: take some serious time studying and understanding the start up guide. Devote at least a couple days if not a week. The exam to get started is very difficult and you most likely will fail the first time. If you do fail, you have to wait until after the end of your first test window to get the opportunity to retake the test.


Appen-Butler Hill: Has a variety of work from home contract opportunities available.


TranscribeMe: An entry level transcription site, TranscribeMe pays $20 per audio hour to transcribe little snippets. It doesn’t require any extra equipment like a foot pedal or software. The initial test isn’t too difficult but do take your time with the study materials. This could really be a gateway to transcription work if it suits your work style.


Quicktate: Another transcription company I have heard and read a lot of good things about.


MTurk:  Run by Amazon, Mechanical Turk is a website where you work individual HITs, such as typing out photos of receipts. Some tasks pay more then others. It seems easy enough but you do have to set up your Amazon payments and verify your account. I have read some people who work this full time make a decent amount of money off of it despite the small payout per job.


Needle: A strictly chat based product support and marketing. Pays roughly $10 an hour and you earn points towards item purchases.


Legitimate Affiliate Marketing:


If you’ve been googling how to make money from home, you’ve probably seen lots of scammy looking websites talking about how you can make boat loads of money off of affiliate marketing. While I’ve yet to see it pay off tons, there is some legitimate affiliate marketing you can do if you’re thinking about starting your own website or blog.


Amazon Associates: Pays commission based off of links provided by them. It doesn’t charge you or the customers any extra to use your links!


Commission Junction: Here you can sign up with specific vendors


A lot of companies have Affiliate website programs so looking for that information on sites for a project you’re passionate about might lead to sales for you. Make sure you adhere to FTC guidelines  on this.


Side note, if you’ve been thinking about Affiliate Marketing from your own site, and need a web-host to load your webpage onto, I suggest BlueHost. It’s where this page is hosted and yes, this is an affiliate link, but so far I have enjoyed their service.


Other places to look:

There are some great job boards out there that help filter all the garbage for you. Though they do require a subscription to get full access.

FlexJobs: A great job posting site. There a new oppourtunities posted daily and it has very specific job filters to help in your search.

HireMyMom: Actually aimed directly at moms, this site works similarly to FlexJobs.



A little extra Silly Cash:



Slice the Pie: You can get paid a few cents here and there to review music, fashion and cell phone accessories. I think it’s fun so far for downtime. You do need to reach $10 before they will cash out.


What are some ways you are making extra money from home? Have you worked for any of these places?  Share your stories in the comments below!

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